Friday, March 13, 2009

Wanna date?I have to do my research but these babies were absolutely moist and delicious, unlike the dry and hard ones here, I think they also have magic powers to keep your bowels moving like clockwork (too much info?) and they are most filling.

I have been having a few for breakfast each morning since the return to Londontown and it is such a nice treat - I should've bought more. Mrs. Chandler at work has been single-handedly scoffing the whole tray that I brought for the team, which is ok as she needs to power up for her imminent backpacking adventures. Her assistance in eating them also saves me from any future shock when I read somewhere how bad or fattening these are for you.

Well, while on the topic of dates, if anyone wants a real female date I know a few single ladies - enquire within - they are passionate about food so at least you have one thing in common!

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