Monday, March 23, 2009

Foodie artThis amazing installation at the Saatchi gallery in London was made using large sheets of foil paper. This was such a treat as we were in the largest mosque (in the world?) in Abu Dhabi the day before. I want to try this at home with some foil paper, maybe will try it out on my nephews. I really wanted to touch this exhibit as these sculptures looked so sturdy - may have to google the artist as am intrigued, it was impressive to enter the room and see all these figures so perfectly aligned and formed.

In other parts of the gorgeous gallery, there were some interesting lady-like sculptures, this one had two cantaloupes in her bra, and pearls in the pouch between her legs. The gallery is a must visit. At the event we had the loveliest berry cocktails. Thanks to the lovely KC for the invite - we met while sipping Fijian cava on the Yasawa islands not so long ago.

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Anonymous said...

How did I miss those strange foil things!!?

Lets see where the next invite takes us! :) xx