Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Churchill ArmsWinnie Churchill stares at you when you go to the toilet and he keeps watch over the fireplace area. They apparently serve the best Thai around but we were very disappointed by our meals. It was more interesting looking at all the bed pans (yes that is what is hanging from the ceiling) and people watching, it is a mix of young and old.

The only minus was hearing the threesome next to us have a very loud and obnoxious conversation about antiques and animation and how they all didn't know what they were doing in their jobs; basically slagging each other off quite drunkenly for an early hour of the evening.

When the one guy's girlfriend went to the toilet the other scraggy woman was bad mouthing the sweet girlfriend and trying to pawn off the poncy (and ugly) antique dealer onto us asking if we fancied the skinny toff. We told her honestly that he was 'definitely not our type, drunky!' She was shocked we weren't grappling for his telephone number - she obviously fancied him and said she was trying to break up that couple for a year. Get over it lady!

I would go again for the drink, people and atmosphere but definitely not the Thai, unless we went on an off night. And if the fireplace is too hot, you can ask them to turn it off - how modern for such an old pub!

GO to 119 Kensington Church St., Kensington, London, W8 7LN to see for yourself.
Our Thai looked good but wasn't tasty
Winnie staring at us!
The walls are full of knick knacks, posters and general old old crap, but that's what gives it its character.

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