Saturday, January 17, 2009

Turn up the heat for tradtional dinners
My friends said that they were cranking up the air con in Australia on Christmas day as their mum's had made traditional turkey dinners. It was almost 40degrees and they were sweating inside as their oven was on cooking their big birds all day. We instead were cranking up the heat and braving a bit of nippy weather to bbq our Christmas dinner. Not very traditional indeed, I don't think we have ever had a turkey at Christmas. Luckily it was sunny and the cold was a dry biting cold so it wasn't too bad, and Quinn did it all while we sat around the fireplace -thanks SQ! Also, from all the of toys my nephew received he loved this box full of food toys the most. Perhaps there is a budding chef there? Many times we would find him with all the pots and pans and bottles of oil and vinegar spread out before him while he quietly was in his own world stirring and 'cooking.' Just need to make sure that when he gets strong enough to open these bottles that they are filled with water. He needs to keep practicing as he is going to make us Christmas lunch one day, maybe it will be a turkey by then.

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