Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surely that's not a£5 carvery?
Oh yes it was! Located in Dudley, north of Birmingham. Exact location unknown.

Ursula, Diane and I went there for an early dinner and I just have to say...you get what you pay for. Our 5 quid full roast dinner came with entertaining service and questionable beef and some really hard stuffing balls. The turkey was nice tasting but looked like it had sat there since 8am and our server was not the most hygienic looking man. The Yorkshire puddings were flying everywhere when he filled up his tray from the kitchen. The way he sliced and served the turkey, gammon and beef with his grimy hands was a little sloppy and scary to say the least, and the gravy boats (or buckets) were also probably a health hazard. We ate in blissful ignorance as that is the only thing you can do when you are lost and hungry right?

Am sure we won't be back there any time soon. We only found it as we got a bit lost as the Tom Tom which they call Naggy wasn't telling us to turn in the right places. I didn't catch the name of the establishment either but it was friendly, had a nice fireplace and nice servers. For 5quid you can't expect your Momma's Sunday roast can you? It was a nice afternoon and the most important bit was spending time with new friends.

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