Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pretty, dainty, cute...but not too cute to eat
When you see this box of chocolates from Altmann and Kuhne you want to coo at it like you would a cute baby in a frilly dress. The ladies who saw this box on my desk all remarked at how cute it was, how gorgeous the little chocolates were and how they were so dainty and pretty they didn't want to eat them.

I gladly gave them a try as am not on a diet like it seems the entire female population is. I am actually never on a diet, life is too short to not enjoy your food -just eat everything in moderation. Now if I could turn that last sentence into a 200 page book and sell it to a publisher and get it on Oprah I would be rich.

Anyhow I digress, I tried one of these little packets of adorableness and it was delicious! They are slightly bigger than a peanut M&M. I actually upset their perfect setting in the round little box, that you would keep to use as a jewellery box afterwards, but I discovered that there is another layer underneath. Chocolate is meant to be eaten, not saved!

My grandmother and mother used to 'save' chocolate for a special occasion and when you then went to open it, years later, it was so stale and white - it was grotesque. My grandmother also always served 'saved' or recycled crisps/chips too as she would open a pack and keep it for eons. You would have to be polite and take some, knowing that you would almost gag, chew on it and the politely refuse any more as you would say that this would spoil your dinner. That would be fine with her as off it went back into the bag for the next grandchild to enjoy!

Well at the confiserie in Vienna, Altmann and Kuhne's chocolates are handmade, just like they were when they started in 1928. Order a box today they deliver anywhere in the world and they are just too cute! (the pics don't do it justice)

link to the Altmann & Kuhne website

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