Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Present-ation is everything
As you get older, the holiday season becomes filled with extra stuff that is unnecessary; random gifts you get from acquaintances, unnecessary stress caused by rushing around to do christmas shopping in a sea of people all shoving under hot store lights, spending lots of money and more. This is the stuff that is not necessary, not appreciated and the stuff that is bought gets opened in 10 seconds and then forgotten about in ten minutes (especially in the case of toys for the little ones).

One of the best gifts I got this year was this box of cookies from the gorgeous P. His chef-lawyer lover made all the cookies and then the box was carefully wrapped by P with two beautiful bows, one inside and one out in a simple white box. The card was hand made, as he is an artiste extraordinaire, with a beautiful note. The box came hand delivered and was opened and shared over a coffee, chat and a laugh. The best gift of all. Mille grazie!

p.s. not to say that I wouldn't like two tickets to Tahiti next Christmas!

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