Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Jamie MagazineNot sure if we need another cooking magazine but Jamie Oliver has launched one this week in the UK. I think he is trying to be like Oprah -own magazine, own TV show, best friend writing columns (in Jamie's case his wife writes one) and everything about his life sold to the public for general consumption.

I had a look at the magazine and saw that my buddy Mark Hix is in it, I liked the paper quality, which I heard is from sustainable forests and I thought the food styling was great. I am not sure I would buy this magazine again as the recipe that I randomly fell upon while flicking through is one from his cookbook or that I saw on TV.

Hmmm....we are amidst a credit crunch so not a great time to launch a magazine. Am sure people would think twice about spending £4 on a magazine which gives them recipes they already have in his cookbook, non? Will have to have a proper read and comment back. Anyone else pick up a copy?

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