Monday, December 08, 2008

The DinerI had what I thought was food poisoning but was told that was a bad flu bug that is going around; either way the sight or smell of food put me off in the last two days and I found it difficult to do food research or even blog about food.

I am feeling better now and can actually look at the bean burger in the above pic. I ate it with such joy the other night at The Diner on Curtain Road in Shoreditch. It was after the Sickboy opening night. Spoken about as the next Banksy, Sickboy is the graffiti artist who has decorated many a wall in the east end. His show was an interesting mix of pieces large and small and even a funny house that was up for grabs if one had the 'magic key', Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style, remember the golden ticket?

(Babushka below without her furry hat)In the buying frenzy of some very young and trendy people - my friends and I got into the spirit and bought a piece each. K should get a commission, as we had no clue about this until we got the invite last minute. At our dinner afterwards at The Diner, Stu entertained the ladies, and we all devoured our burgers and fries and ate the most fattening items on the menu - 'tis the Christmas season to eat out every night! The only thing I have in the fridge is a jar of jam and some GU desserts.Next time we go to The Diner I will order a soda float (I have only had those in Canada) and an all day greasy breakfast. 'Free your mind and your ass will follow,' £2k (this one was snapped up quickly!).
The 'house' with a conveyor belt which spat out some Sickboy candies.

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