Monday, September 22, 2008

WTF? Burger King launches Apple Fries

LONDON - Burger King is launching a product, called Apple Fries, intended to challenge McDonald's fruit bags and offer a healthy alternative to potato french fries.

The product, fresh apple pieces cut in the shape of fries, will be trialled in seven cities this month before a wider roll-out at the end of the year.

It will be supported in participating restaurants with an in-store marketing campaign using the strapline, '100% fresh, 0% fried'.

Huh?! They will be layered with chemicals to make them look perfect and keep them from going brown. Why don't they just give everyone a free apple with their meal, that may be a better PR stunt and may get some BK regulars to actually see what fruit looks like and if they get really hungry after their grease fill, they may even try and eat it?!


Anonymous said...

Alas, too many broken windows would result!

Sands said...

Broken windows?

Anonymous said...

...the free apples in natural form wouldn't be valued only to be inconveniently discarded and sometimes thrown through windows.

Fresh apple fries are ridiculous

Sands said...

hmm, I like the broken windows theory - maybe BK customers are dumb and angry?