Monday, September 01, 2008

PretzelPic of a pretzel seller on the street in Berlin. These pretzels were extra large and sold by a girl who epitomised the look of a German pretzel seller with her two braids, blonde hair and sweet Rapunzel look, like she just stepped out of a German fairytale.

Common around the southern part of Germany they are eaten as a snack, sometimes for breakfast and are made of simple ingredients: wheat flour, water, sugar & yeast along with large helpings of thick chunky bits of salt. The exact date and place of the origin of the pretzel is not known, but in 1111 the pretzel was an emblem on the bakers’ guilds in Southern Germany - only a short 896 years ago.

And did you know that within the Catholic church, pretzels are regarded as having religious significance and are particularly associated with Lent, fasting and prayers before Easter.

And in North America, fat bar goers eat lots of pretzels with beer, go the fatties!

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Lori said...

hey....... be nice. I live in North America. Pretzels are a lot better than French Fries. Everything in moderation, yah know.