Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are you allowed to moan about the lack of authenticity at a restaurant? What is missing from this place setting?

Not on this side either...

Well there was a lot of garnish and frills but no chopsitx . At an 'authentic' Thai restaurant would you not expect chopstix? Even when we asked they said - 'no we don't have any.'
Not even for any customers who ask for it? I think this is what happens in the suburbs! (The restaurant is in St. Albans)
It was very strange as the owner and servers were all Thai. I think I am allowed to have a moan about that - albeit a shorter one than I did have, non? (Sorry Squirly) It would be like going to an authentic Italian restaurant and getting a pizza with pineapple and sweetcorn on it!

It is no match for Street Hawker.

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