Friday, July 25, 2008

A gift for a celeb who has it all - an edible mansion

An 'edible sculpture' of Highbury for Prince Charles

What to give to the superstar who has everything? A reproduction in chocolate of their mansion may be just the thing. Prince Charles, Sting and Nicolas Cage are among those who have commissioned confectionery replicas of their homes - at £2,000 a throw - from a chocolatier in Bath. Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton take two to three weeks to create the "edible architecture", and begin by photographing the buildings. Machines spin gallons of chocolate, which is then poured into moulds. Dunlop said: "It's difficult. We build the [homes] in stages, as you would a model.

You can buy these chocolates at Harrods and Prince Charles also agreed to sell them at the Highgrove House gift shop.

Source: Steven Morris, 25 July, 2008

& Daily Mail article with more pics.

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