Sunday, June 22, 2008

Red Bull appears at The LeathermarketVery funny, on Friday afternoon I was saying that I needed a boost of energy and about ten seconds later two Red Bull models came with little coolers on their back to give our office samples of the new Red Bull Cola. I was stunned at the sheer coincidence.

They said that another agency down the road told them to come visit us at The Leathermarket (we work in an old leather market), which was very nice. So we each got a can of the new cola and the lovely sampling staff explained that it is all natural with ingredients like lime, cinnamon, ginger etc.. and there is no 'secret recipe' like another cola brand, all ingredients are listed on the back of the can.

The verdict in the office: we said it tasted like Haribo candy and most people liked it, no one really said they loved it but at the end of the day no cans were left over. Many said they still like the one and only Coke.

Not sure I would buy it often as having a few Haribo candies is great but drinking a can of it may be a bit too much, will have to try it again.

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Anonymous said...

it contains the Kola nut and the Coca leaf. There are no chemicals - no phosphoric acid, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavourings.