Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fried Febo
Fried food out of a machine...mmmm! You can find these Febo fast food outlets all around central Amsterdam. They are always quite busy too. Not sure what is in each of the little boxes, I think some were fried cheese, deep fried hamburgers and others friend cheese and meat. At the counter there was also a clear box with some disgusting looking chicken legs and very oily French fries. Needless to say, all of it looks questionable, it is definitely grease laden, has maximum cholesterol potential, is fatty and calorific! Proper heart-attack food.

Am sure it tastes good, I couldn't bring myself to try anything - especially after I saw the man who works there stick his dirty hand in each one to see if they were still warm. If they weren't he pulled them out with the same dirty hand and I'm not sure if he put them in the deep fryer again or under a heat lamp?! It just felt greasy being beside the Febo.

Will have to ask B, who is from the Netherlands what this place is all about.


Anonymous said...

Im Dutch and FEBO is all about post-night-out-drunk-stupor snacking. It's how they get away with the questionability because hey, you're drunk.

Cindy. Lo. said...

That's so cool,
I wish we have this machine in the office,
I'm always hungry there and can't never find any food to eat!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Amsterdam and the FEBO is kind of somewhere you don't really want to go, haha - except after a drunk night out. The different deep fried snacks they sell are mostly Dutch ('cheese souffles', frikandel, kroket, etc), and definitely unhealthy. I guess the nutritional value is equivalent to that of the average McDonalds meal ;)

Sands said...

You don't want that machine at work it is pure grease!

Sands said...

it is the equivalent of the Toronto hot dog after a night out or the kebab after a big night out in the UK

Leigh said...

Just when i thought I had seen all the Fast-food worls had to offer...you know what - I'd probably try this, alhtough the consumption of alcohol seems to be a prerequisite! nice post!