Friday, May 23, 2008

Daisy DukeLocated in the TD Tower on Wellington Street the Duke of Devon is a favourite of many city boys in Toronto. Not because it has an ok selection of Brit-inspired grub, or that is has traditional pub art (fox hunting prints and iconic old British countryside stuff) hanging on its walls, or that it serves Guinness - it is probably because it is a Hooters wannabe.

The waitresses in there, who are all female and good looking (bar one or two), are all wearing school girl type uniforms. Knee high socks, black short, short skirts (perhaps they are supposed to be kilts -they are way too short for my liking) and tight tops make them quite a sight.

Upon entering I thought we went to Hooters on Halloween with a black school uniform theme. I guess you have to cater to your clientele - rich city boys who want to watch some sport and be served by some pretty ladies who am sure do very well in the tipping department.

But how about the high flying female traders (are there any in TO?) or female banking or business professionals - what do they get to look at? The equestrian prints circa 1867 on the wall?

I asked our Hooter-esque dressed waitress why the men that work there are wearing ill fitting trousers, horrible black button down shirts and are not fit for Men's Health covers like the women are? She laughed and said that the men did wear kilts at one point but the women patrons were too aggressive so they switched back to boring pants (and probably hiring non-hunks). She said the servers wear a special white belt that is kinda sexy, when I saw the servers I did not see a white belt or anything 'kinda sexy' about them either.

If I opened a pub and hired only sexy men in tight slacks with their muscles and pecks busting out, would it cause an uproar? I wonder.
Now I know why my friend took me there, although he said this pub is his favourite for other reasons - am sure it is the smell of the hand wash in the men's toilets or something like that?! C'mon men, why do you try to fool women, we know the real reason. My question is why is there not the same number of places for women to appreciate a fine looking male, if there are such places at all?

p.s. They did have good sweet potato fries.

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