Wednesday, May 14, 2008

11 Bar & Restaurant, AmsterdamThe entrance - below the restaurant are artists' studiosThe restaurant
Prawn lasagna

My vegetarian tagineThe diagrams in the women's toilet -very educational

Our Dutch friend Talia and the screens showing various art installation videos - one particularly interesting one was the whole screen was cut into 5 sections and in each box a woman was having an orgasm- but all you could see was her face...some of the diners didn't get that - they just thought the women were making strange faces.My oyster starter - I do love oysters!
Website: 11 Restauarnt Bar & Club
Myspace page : 11 Myspace

It won't be at that location for long but if you are in Amsterdam you should check it out! It is very cool and there is a space for dancing attached to it which after 23:00hrs the place becomes a cool dance club. Make sure you don't drink and bike like the Dutch do, they are apparently good at riding their bikes a little tipsy.


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