Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend in WalesSome pics from the weekend at Bergy's farm in Wales! There was lots of:
  • Free range chickens - eat your heart out Jamie Oliver, Bergy knows how to raise the loudest and funniest chickens in the UK, they have the best life and seem to love being there prancing around all day
  • Sheep and little lambs - Bergy saved one caught in a fence and they are in the 3 fields surrounding the house
  • Horses, tractors, vintage cars & donkeys - all at the parade held in Cardigan - it was a sight!
  • Laughs - if you know Berg and Princess K - need I say more?
  • Funny Welsh signs and speaking - could it be German with a lisp? It could be anything as I couldn't understand a word!
  • Big country, big blue skies, gorgeous sunshine and fresh air - which tired us city gals out for some strange reason?! We walked to the top of this hill.
  • Naughty animals - Dylan jumped on the turkey when I was giving it too much attention and while collecting eggs in the barn a cock pounced on my bucket full of eggs as it thought it was feed - the spilling of the bucket made a few eggs crack - Berg wasn't too pleased, but it was his errant bird's fault!
  • Big breakfasts - using the eggs I collected, Bun even had a blue goose egg!
  • Antagonizing the turkeys so they could make the funniest sounds - they loved it and so did we!
  • Hot flashes - the Aga replacement makes the house soo warm - is that what menopause would feel like? You could walk around naked comfortably.
  • Oohing and aahing - at the amazing renovation to the farm - we loved the enormous upstairs bathroom with standalone tub looking out over the fields. The renovator in pic below.
  • Oohing and aahing 2 - a little chick hatched out of the incubator and it was the cutest little thing to hold - all wet and scared, the next day it was a little bigger and a little fluffier. The pen with the day old chicks is the sweetest thing to look at
  • Welsh tea cakes - like little pancakes but you can bring them with you in a little bag and you don't need syrup they are sweet enough
  • Funny animal movements - from the peacocks jumping on the roof, cats sleeping in the trees, ducks waddling in a funny manner to escape being too close to us, turkeys strutting past a mirror thinking it was a potential new mate, cocks fighting, chickens sunbathing and Dylan finding furry treasures in the fields - the animals entertain all day with their quirks and behaviors

Funny ducks & gobbling turkeys!

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Anonymous said...

the horse parade is called 'Barley Saturday'

hope u will all come