Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hamburger helperThis cute hamburger press was just laying out in the aisle of a food market in Florence. No real worries of health and safety in Italy. When I got back Kiwi Rabbit made hamburgers with a fried egg, pineapple and beetroot on top. I have never seen that in my life before, apparently it is a Kiwi thing. Those crazy Kiwis!
It looked good but I didn't have a taste, will have to try that combination of flavours next time. Have only had beetroot a few times and am getting to like the taste now, I think I love that it is doused in vinegar, anything sour is fabulous to me. Why do they not sell Bick's pickles in London?!

Off for a run as the muffin top is not going down, instead it is growing, especially after Ed's gourmet meal last night. Ed the pub man made us a fabulous meal which included the much discussed English onion soup - will post about it soon.

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