Wednesday, April 09, 2008


A hidden gem right outside Southwark tube station in south London, Baltic was a great place to go for a meal in a relaxed setting. The pictures on their website do it more justice.

I vowed not to eat out for the rest of the week, as the Florence trip filled my desire for dining out for a v. long time (well at least a week!), but made it through a lovely vegetarian meal with no wine and just a tiny scoop of mango sorbet.

It is a busy week at the office so postings have been sparse and will come shortly. I did have porridge for breakfast and am planning on having a light salad for dinner tonight. Pilates and a run are on the cards this week but there is another outing tomorrow night at Shoreditch House that is sure to be filled with more wine and food. I know it is a tough life!

Another article awaits, which is to review 5 patio bars in the Docklands but may pass that assignment on to someone else, any takers?

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