Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter eating
Hope you all had a nice Easter - we had some wacky weather with sun, rain, snow and hail all coming in the same few hours. Hopefully spring will now emerge and I can put away my boots!

Easter dinner was great with fabulous friends, food and wine. There weren't many pics of the final dinner as we were hungry and of course, served it, and ate it without thinking about photos. We did have time for pics when Trev's dessert came out. It was a panna cotta column made with fresh vanilla bean, which sat on top of a gorgeous chocolate biscuit and was surrounded by a raspberry coulis. Absolutely mouth watering and all made by Mr. J himself.
(Trev and his panna cotta creation)

AND he made home made Easter bread, which was a beautifully braided, egg bread that came all wrapped up with bows and a little daffodil. No he is not gay, and he doesn't have any single brothers ladies...unfortunately they are taken and he is married to the lovely actress, Le Jedan, so one must look elsewhere for a man who can cook and is passionate about food.

Starters were a selection of fine cheeses and olives from the Honey Monster, gorgeous wine was brought by the Coach (a great Malbec and a smooth South African red from the Western Cape called Chocolate Block - I didn't pay attention the the whites) the pasta was made with a simple tomato sauce and basil and then there was the roasted lamb.

Our leg of lamb from award winning, Sheepdrove Organic farm's butchery cooked nicely with only salt, pepper and fresh rosemary as seasoning. It was so soft and tender; served with mint gravy, mint jelly, roasted potatoes and vegetables it was delicious, even the Honey M who doesn't eat lamb, ate it and enjoyed it. Thanks to our NZ lamb expert and sous-chef too!

The bad news is we are all a few pounds heavier but the good news is we had a great evening and it is another short work week!

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