Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ten things banned in organic food
  1. Aspartame - artificial sweetener (which makes everything taste too sickly sweet)
  2. Genetic modification - which can cause allergic reactions (and makes your apples look like perfect specimens)
  3. Herbicides - destroy the life of the soil
  4. Hydrogenated fat - linked to heart disease
  5. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) - bad for you all around, found in fast food and more
  6. Phosphoric acid - linked to osteoporosis
  7. Sulphur dioxide - can cause problems for asthmatics
  8. Hormones- the level of artificial hormones in food and water can upset our individual levels
  9. Artificial colorings - linked to hyperactivity in children
  10. Artificial flavorings - why do we need them?
*why is any of this stuff in our food?! And if all of this stuff is added why is it more expensive to buy organic - wouldn't it mean less chemicals to buy?

Source: Cooks Pocket Companion, 2007
Pic: cropduster spraying pesticide, Wikipedia

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