Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Milan's caviar handoutIn the press it was reported that Italian customs officers seized more than 40kg of illegal Beluga caviar and distributed it to the poor in Milan as a Christmas gift. The haul was valued at £370,000 - and was said to have gone to shelters and hospices.

I am not sure if I was a person who was living below the poverty line and a little can of caviar showed up that I would even know what to do with it, or if it was plunked on my dish at a shelter I may think it was some odd garnish? Caviar is such an acquired taste and so non-filling that it was most likely not appreciated by the masses that it was distributed to. Staples like warm and hearty soups, meat and potatoes would be what I would want to feed myself or my family at Christmas. They may not have had the little water crackers or a little blini with some creme fraiche on which to serve the little salted roe (fish eggs) on -the latter is apparently the preferred way to serve caviar.

With the level of Italian corruption it was probably publicised as 'distributed to the poor' but probably delivered to Berlusconi's house for his NYE party.

From a caviar website: 'fine caviar should be served as simply as possible; the fewer accoutrements the better.' I hope the Italian customs agents passed this message on with delivery.

Someone said I am cranky this week....probably because I am still fighting a cold after a month...I think I need to browse Whole Foods today for some energising and Vitamin C filled smoothies or shakes, maybe with a dash of beluga caviar - I wonder if it has any health benefits?

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