Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home made pizza for Frenchy's farewell dinnerPics of the pizza I made for Frenchy's farewell dinner Sunday night. She is moving back home to Paris after 6 or so years in London so we had a little dinner for her. I think she may be back sooner than we think so it wasn't a big farewell....If she does go back we are going to go visit her in France and do a culinary tour of the region around Biarritz which is situated on the Atlantic coast (and I will get to try surfing again!).The pizza bases were from Alimentari, where I got a ready made mix and all you have to do is mix the flour, water and yeast - let the dough rise and voila! - fresh pizza dough in 25min.
I think I need a rolling pin now as had to use the end of a wooden spoon to spread it out, which wasn't too flash.

We had lovely prosecco that 'the little purse' brought over when she was in town and some lovely Marks and Sparks apple puddings...mmmm. I think the 5lbs that I gained over Christmas is enjoying itself and not wanting to leave me!

Yogalates and more Pilates is on the menu for this week.

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