Saturday, January 05, 2008

Good & bad at Belgo'sEvery woman dreams of dating a man like this - plump, red faced, with a fashionable hat and and with a string of sausages around his neck....ahh the romance that must ooze out of this type of man.

I think the man in the photo is Belgian as the pic comes from the backside of the Belgo's menu which is a Belgian restaurant. We went there the other night and I have mixed reviews - the food was great - I had a half chicken with a red wine and chestnut sauce and my friends had the traditional mussels in white wine and garlic -yum and a braised beef in a plum and pear sauce -also very good!

But... the service was terrible. I won't go into details as I just erased a big rant that I had written but think that it could've been a new server or a lazy server that ruined my experience there. I will definitely go again and if you want some good Belgian food and some great Belgian beer (the list is extensive) then you must try it out.

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