Monday, December 17, 2007

Vin primeur
This past weekend was stuck in a Toronto snow storm for the last two days. Luckily we were stuck inside with some great Nouveau Beaujolais wine and lots of dvds...

Also known as vin primeur (primo=first), nouveau wine’s history comes from the Middle Ages when wine was shipped from Bordeaux to England and other parts of northern Europe within a couple of months of harvest.

In those times, wine was so unstable that it was most highly valued when it was young, and the main goal was to keep it from going off too badly before the next vintage was delivered.

Made from Gamay grapes, this 'nouveau' wine can only be purchased from the third Thursday of November each year and is a red wine that is sold when it is only two months old. The bottles we had were lovely, smooth, fruity and really easy to drink. Apparently it is a race to buy these wines at the LCBO when they are released as they are so popular. D bought a case and said that when he went back the next week they were all gone!

Mark your calendars for next year - third Thursday of November!

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