Friday, December 28, 2007

Cocktail anyone?After an afternoon skating at Somerset House - or I would say watching the Brits; perform some acrobatic falls, do the hanging onto the ledge skate and wobble along precariously, we had mulled wine at Somerset House and then went for happy hour drinks at a bar in Covent Garden. It was the night of our work Christmas party and the bartender was probably overwhelmed when 25 of us piled into the bar and the boss ordered 100 drinks at once -half were mojitos and the other half were some kind of grapefruit cocktail. Happy Hour only lasts til 7pm you know?

Loungers really know how to have a party! After drinks we went onto Guanabara for some Brazilian food, music and dance lessons. A great night out! Hope everyone's work Christmas party was as fab as ours.

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