Friday, December 21, 2007

99pI caved and had a 99p chicken sandwich from KFC before our Christmas panto. I was starving, Hackney didn't have a wide array of healthy places to eat from and I needed something before the 2hr show. I have to admit it tasted good too....all salty and deep fried. I think I have gained 5lbs in the past few weeks, there are lots of Christmas cookies everywhere, lots of big dinners and lots of eating out and add to that lots of wine (had another bottle of nouveau Beaujolais last night) feeling a little bigger than usual. I even complained that one of my tops shrunk but I think it is just me getting a little bigger....

Yoga and running schedule needs to be adhered to after the holidays.

Apologies for the old pic (above) I lost my cord for downloading photos but will borrow one today to post some holiday food pics! Am off to a Christmas themed wedding today so there may be some Christmas themed food.

Stay tuned.Dick Whittington and his Cat at the Hackney Empire

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