Friday, November 16, 2007

Tea and Company!
Going for afternoon tea at the Wolseley for Rexi's bday. This is what she has to say about my bday extravaganza at my beloved Greek haunt The Elysee... the Wolseley, there’s no chance of being served by 50 year-old mafia-types, lip syncing Greek rock classics, while sporting killer camel toes. Yes, Sands, ANOTHER dig at your bday, an endless source of material for me.

Don't you just love your friends?? I do.
Now I need to think of a suitably embarrassing gift for her to unwrap at our posh afternoon tea session :)


Anonymous said...

Sands, if the embarrassing gift is Turning Leaf, just remember, your birthday is but a few months after mine.

Sands said... sure you will love whatever it is