Monday, November 05, 2007

The Hut!It was a truly entertaining night at the Tiroler Hut on Saturday! I can't recall the food experience much (I know we ordered weinerschnitzel, cabbage rolls, bread dumplings and apfel strudel) but what I do recall vividly is the laughing, singing and the entertainment by the owner, Joseph in his lederhosen (see pic) and by his Italian friend Ricardo who is British-Chinese. Ricardo, if that is even his real name, sang O Sole Mio in Italian. It was too funny for words! We had a great time and will definitely have to try and get another booking soon.

Will write more and post more pics too. Am trying to get the cow bell performance on video uploaded.

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Andrea said...

Great night :-D!!! Riccardo was by far the best!!!!
Add some more pics here so we can share them together
Email me or Clara for an invite.