Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gordon's Fijian reunion Friday night at Gordon's Wine Bar was magic - we managed to get a table which was miraculous. KC and I last saw each other in Fiji so it was a lovely reunion after a few months. Too bad we couldn't gossip like we did in Fiji - while making coconut bracelets on the beach or bobbing in the ocean at sunset. A catch up in an underground wine bar had to suffice... and it did.

DJ joined and the talk was of travel and adventures we had all had in the past year. KC's evening started at an event at the London Eye and somehow the night came full circle with the London Eye brochures turning into a source of entertainment for us. A random punter decided to use the oval shaped, flapped brochure to animate different animals (bunny ears, birds' wings) and organs of the body...use your imagination!

We had some lovely Concha y Toro CyT Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile which is a solid red and some fresh crusty bread and the salad selection which was delicious....

Gordon's was established in 1890 by Arthur Gordon one of the last 'free vintners' (he could sell wine anywhere without applying for a license from King Edward III) and is thought to be the oldest wine bar in London. It was once the home of the famous diarist Samuel Pepys in the 1680s - and coincidentally the current owners are also called Gordon. When they took over in 1975 there was no need to change the name - how convenient.

The candle lit bar and wine cellar is a hidden gem - I walked by it for years before knowing it was there. One must go to Gordon's for the atmosphere and if you have the right company you have a recipe for a great evening. Thx DJ & KC - see you soon!

Old newspaper clippings that are all around Gordon's

Our salad and crusty bread platter

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Kate said...

Well I supose that one of the better pictures from the night!!! Had a lovley time and must do it again really really soon.

P.s. loved Gordons, will go again when I am next 'working' in town.