Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get the scoop...Japanese style

As we are trying to beat the heat, lots of us are turning to swimming pools, lots of water and sitting in front of fans, air conditioners or retreating under shady trees (which doesn't work in this heat!)

In Japan you can go for your fatty treat of ice cream - aisu kuri-mu.

An article in the Globe & Mail today states that a single half cup (125ml) of most Haagen-Dazs ice cream flavors delivers more saturated fat than a McDonald's Big Mac. Shocking, non?

As I mentioned in a post in the early days gelato is the way to go.

In Canada you can get organic ice cream and for the vegetarians - soy, rice and hemp varieties.

The one thing we do not seem to have is the flavors like they do in Japan.

(See pics) From this ice cream parlor in Sapporo, flavors sold are - cheese, squid, salt, curry, cherry blossom & sesame. mmmmmmm.....
And on the menu to tickle your taste buds even further there are flavours like sweet potato, beer, sea urchin, aloe, fermented beans and more.

Not sure how brave I would be to try these flavors...

We had the loveliest visitors over for dinner last who arrived from Japan only the night before. They were gracious guests and although we did not speak the same language our translator Kiki and Ayuko were wonderful and somehow we understood each other.

They brought us lovely gifts of traditional Japanese cake and jellies...posts on those to follow.

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Sutton Walk said...

Hey sista!

Did you get those pics from me? If not, that's the biggest coincidence as I have the exact same photos from a place called Otaru near Sapporo :)