Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fancy foot work at the butcher shop
For preparations for Diwali which is a religious festival which celebrates the coming of a goddess who brings, prosperity, health and good luck we went to get some provisions.

On the list:

Candles-for lighting the path for the goddess to find the home -the house had candles and marigold and rose petals lined from the drive way all the way up to the little altar set up in the home

Firecrackers -for celebration afterwards-these are the illegal kind you can't get in Canada or the UK anymore -they are massive -think Symphony of Fire at Ontario place -this is what we did on the terrace a few feet away from all the guests.

Sweets -traditionally eaten after dinner or exchanged as gifts (this festival is very similar to Xmas)

Mutton - for the main meal -this was where the talented butcher came on the scene.

The two butchers were on a little platform stage like place in a shop selling fish, meat and more... There was a round tree stump which he is sitting behind on a smaller stool where he chopped the various meats. But then to my surprise his hands went down behind visible terrain and there he was with a large meat cleaver held between his toes (keeping both hands free) for trimming fat off some other cuts of meat. Very clever use of space and body parts I thought, although a bit odd at first. Got to have strong feet for this type of job!

Didn't take a pic of the footwork but should've..next time. And most Indian men love getting their picture taken so this man adjusted his handlebar moustache for the camera and gave a few poses...enjoy.

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