Sunday, September 17, 2006

A new trend in drinking coffee?
I had two lovely visitors from Canada here recently and they turned heads and made people laugh at the way they consumed their coffee....

Can I have a skinny latte please.... and a straw? Wuuut!?! was what the baristas would say or think - which was clearly visible on their faces when they saw the lovely girls put their straw in their coffee cups.

There are two reasons given for this:
1) Ro started this as she liked to get all the sugar from the bottom of the coffee cup at first and from then just liked drinking it from a straw

2) The reason that most people accept and do the nod and the ureka 'I just got my teeth whitened' and then people realise that beauty has its price and maybe isn't a bad idea after all.

They do have nice teeth though!

May have to do this when I drink red wine. And apparently they have some converted Torontonian's drinking coffee this way....

Thx girls it was fun having

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