Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Best Tiramisu
Somehow I have tried to perfect this recipe but it seems that the only person that can do it to perfection is my wonderful and beautiful and lovely mother! (no i am not asking for money mom)

This tiramisu recipe, if made properly, will melt in your mouth and bring you lots of fans. My mother is famous for making this and every time there is an occasion they request her tiramisu (not many disagree). I recall a certain cousin Basilio eating almost the whole thing single handedly at a Christmas dinner or my mom having to hide it from her Japanese students as a) they generally eat like monsters and b) there wouldn't be any left for her other 'daughters' and my sister even tried to sell it on eBay for $1 a download, thinking she would make millions -that's how good it is!

Anyhow try it at home - I think the secret is to dunk the cookies in the espresso for one second, no more no less. I wouldn't know really as I am only allowed to watch my mother make this and not actually help unless it is to wash the dishes or crack the eggs (even still she is wary of my ability)
Anyhow, thx for the recipe Mom....luv me xxx
This one will definitely be in the cookbook.

Momma's Tiramisu

Expresso coffee (6 espresso cups)
6 tsps. of sugar
2 capfulls of rum
2 capfulls of vermouth
5 eggs
7 tsps. of sugar
500 grams. mascarpone cheese (don't use anything else but!)
1 bag of savoiardi fingers

- Prepare 6 expresso cups of coffee and pour in a small bowl
- Add two capfulls of vermouth and two capfulls of rum
- Add 6 tsp. of sugar

- In a separate bowl beat together 5 egg whites until stiff

- In a separate bowl beat together 5 egg yolks with 7 tsps. of sugar for approx. 5 min.
- Add mascarpone cheese 1 tbsp at a time and mix well

- Fold in egg whites to cheese mixture

In a 13 x9" pyrex glass pan, dunk savoiardi cookies in coffee and place in pan, add one lawyer of cheese and sprinkle with chocolate quick or coco. Repeat with savoiardi cookies and cheese mixture. Cover the top of the cake with grated or slivered dark chocolate (chocolate square). Cover with foil paper and refrigerate overnight.



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