Sunday, August 27, 2006

Traditional Scottish Breakfast -blood... pudding anyone?

I was in Scotland this weekend for work and when I went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast the option of this black substance was available. I have only tasted black pudding in 2002 when Mak took Ranoush and I for a traditional breakfast at a 'real caf' -meaning an authentic builders cafe in the centre of London. So when I saw this again, I passed on tasting it as I recall disliking it the first time. Mak's had a good laugh and took pleasure at our facial expressions after he told us what it was (thx Mak!)

Well later that evening I was in Edinburgh at the Ed School of Food and Wine for a masterclass in French Cooking and spoke to some lovely Socttish ladies (hi Heather!) they told me that they eat black pudding at least once a month and if you grow up on it then you just get used to anything else it is what you are used to - not gross in the lovely Scot's eyes that I met that night. Just like Marmite something made of yeast (ew) and other things that people eat here that they grew up on. I recall my mom's boss used to eat toast with Worcester sauce each morning –I say to each his own.

Well the ingredients in black pudding are these: blood from a calf or pig, bread, barley and oatmeal, it also varies from recipe to recipe. I think next time I am at a breakfast buffet I will have to try it again -who knows I may like it, not sure if I will be able to cook it though.

Well try it next time you are in Scotland or England!

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