Monday, March 10, 2008

Is farming cool?

I only ever heard one person our age say that the only thing he ever wanted to do was farm. Does anyone else our age feel this way?

I would love to try farming but does our generation even know how? And what does farming entail as a lifestyle/profession? It's really pretty from the inside of a car driving along but once you stop and get out the reality of the smell and hard work may discourage many.

My friend Bergy inherited a farm in Wales from an elderly couple and he is loving life away from the city but also admitted to feeling removed from everyone else. You can see my previous post on my visit there and his cute mug here.

I wonder if any of us could go to an opposite life and thrive? Would we miss our hectic lifestyle or delve into country life and fall in love with it. My desire would be to have a lavender farm but not sure where to start. My current professor has one and I just think it would be ideal to work / write from a lovely piece of land where your lavender was flourishing outside your window. Well am adding that to the list to look into.

The pic is Ammo's take on cool farming fashion! We love these wellies which have been worn to posh places around London and to music festivals. Going to Wales again to see Bergy so will give you another update on how his farming adventures are going. Will have to pack these lovely red boots if Rexi is not wearing them to her anniversary dinner. Will bring some free range eggs home!

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